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 VF-11 Plant Food/Fertilizer for Home and Garden Use

VF-11 All Purpose  Plant Food

Distributed by J & J Jojoba,  Vacaville, California

VF-11 Plant  Food puts a whole new excitement into gardening and farming! Use it indoors  and outdoors with the same wonderful results.

Other plant foods must wait for Mother  Nature to break them down to a form which your plants can absorb, but VF-11  is already in that AVAILABLE FORM. That's why you see results so fast! It is  just as effective in Foliar Feeding, as it is in Root Feeding. If you didn't  know…Foliar Feeding means your plants can absorb the fertilizing solution  right through their leaves. So just spray the leaves and your plant is fertilized.  Or put it in your watering solution to Root Feed. You can do either one. If  your plant needs additional help, you can do both!

You can't over-do! You can't burn!  It's odorless! It's non-toxic! It's safe around children & pets! It will  not pollute our waters! It's environmentally friendly!

Acid loving plants love VF-11, too!!  Use it safely on your most delicate plants: azaleas, fuchsias, roses, orchids,  begonias, camellias, gardenias, bougainvillea, hibiscus, plumeria, ficus, cacti,  ice plant, geraniums, succulents, palms, ferns, pines, fruit trees, mosses,  lawns, bonsai, all bedding plants: Petunias, Marigolds, Impatiens, "snaps,"  etc. also vegetables, berries, & grapes -- and jojoba plants.

Is it any wonder that we call VF-11 "The Champagne Of Plant Foods"?

All your palms, ferns, ficus,  schefflera, etc., will be magnificent!! African violets will burst with blooms  frequently!! Neighbors will ask. "What is your secret?" "How do you grow such  beautiful houseplants?"

You  will be so pleased how quickly they root with VF-11 in your soil, or your liquid.

Douse  the leaves as well as the roots with VF-11 watering solution, to protect against  shock.

VF-11 is loved  by hydroponics growers, too…Tomatoes Cucumbers, Peppers, Herbs, etc.

Whether you Foliar Feed your outdoor  plants (spray the leaves) or you Root Feed (regular watering) you will have  the same successes. It's important that you use VF-11 on a routine weekly basis,  all year long. Think of it as a "strength builder" to maintain and hold the  health of your plants, continuously.

IMPORTANT…do not use VF-11  with other fertilizers! The more virgin the soil conditions, the better. Leach  out all other fertilizers.  VF-11 wants to work alone!

One or two ounces  to the gallon of water (depending on the needs of your plants.) Once your plants  are in lovely condition, then one oz. to the gallon is enough to maintain their  beauty.


1 gallon, $15.95

For VF-11 Shipping Charges:

Call 1-800-380-6293, or e-mail:
or fax 1-707-447-6373.


Please Note: 
One gallon of VF-11 weighs 10 pounds. It is concentrated, so 1 gallon makes up to 128 gallons of solution.