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 VF-11 For Farm Use

VF-11 is Ideal for All Crops, Plants,
   Vines and Trees

  • Organic, non-toxic and will not burn
  • VF-11 is a unique all-purpose liquid fertilizer concentrate.
  • Provides a complete plant food with a proper balance of nutrients and micronutrients
  • Produces faster growth
  • Makes plants and trees stronger and healthier
  • Gives plants better resistance to pests,insects and disease
  • Makes plants more tolerant to extreme temperatures Increases yields per acre

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   Additional Information

  • VF-11 is truly a unique breakthrough in plant food formulations. There is nothing else like it on the market today.
  • The reason for VF-11's effectiveness is its unique formulation which is absorbed immediately though the foliage or roots. Results are fast, observable and quite amazing.
  • VF-11 strengthens the immune system of any plant, tree, vine or bush, thus making them stronger, healthier and more resistant to pests, insects, disease and more tolerant to temperatures.
  • Seeing is believing: Try VF-11. You will be pleased with the results and cost effectiveness.

   Ideal Mix for Foliar (or Root) Feeding

    2 gallons of VF-11 to 100 gallons of water to foliar feed one (1) acre every two (2) weeks from Spring to Harvest.