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 What the Experts Say About VF-11

"The impurities of commercial fertilizers keep me searching for something better. I have found it in VF-11. VF-11 has the purity of nutrients used in combination with pure water to make up the electrolyte balance. The electromagnetic field of each nutrient is known. However, the electrolyte balance has never been assembled in a solutionuntil VF-11. This is a breakthrough for sure."

"You can simply discard your pH meter, as VF-11 will, amazingly, always allow for perfect pH."

–Steven Sprague, Owner Growsource Vallejo, CA

Note: Because VF-11 holds a perfect pH, it can create an environment where mildew and fungal disease actually cannot grow. That's why plants, trees and vines can resist disease so well after being foliar fed with VF-11.

"My Begonias look so good and I can't believe it. They scare me. VF-11 is great even for the ones that aren't looking so good. Treat them with VF-11, and boing, up they stand straight and proud, the picture of vim and vigor, ready to sprout flowers again."

–Ed "Bud" Hurley
Tuberous Begonia King
Santa Cruz, CA

"The vines foliar fed with VF-11 matured and ripened several weeks earlier than the rest of the vineyard and yielded approximately twice as much fruit per plant. The grapes were small but numerous, with dark, thick skins prime characteristics for red wine grapes, promising good color and intense fruit. And the most surprising quality was the acid balance with no additional acid added prior to fermentation."

–Michael Walters
Assistant Winemaker
Roudon-Smith Vineyards
Santa Cruz,


"I am very confident my trees (pistachio) are much healthier, and if they are healthier they are going to resist disease on their own a lot better. In the past, the only way we could combat fungal problems was by applying some very expensive chemicals.

"One of the biggest disease problems faced by pistachio growers is 'Botryosphaeria', a fungus that can have devastating effects on the crop. The Fiddyment Farm had a severe outbreak of 'Botryosphaeria' in 1997, resulting in much of the pistachio crop being lost even after spending thousands of dollars for chemicals to fight the disease.

"This year (1999) we have continued straight through almost until harvest with the VF-11 sprays, and I see no evidence of 'Botryosphaeria' at all in my orchard."

–David Fiddyment
Fiddyment Pistachio Orchards Roseville, CA

Bob Tanem, former owner of Tanem's Garden Centers in Tiburon and San Rafael, California, used VF-11 on some 8000 varieties of trees, bushes, shrubs and flowering plants:

"I had great success in keeping those plants fed by spraying just once a week with VF-11. We never experienced any plant burn with VF-11 and could trust anybody to apply it in the nursery."

"We found that our mite problem disappeared once we started using VF-11. It's a material that is readily absorbed in the plant, that the plant really thrives on and, as a result, the plant becomes disease and insect resistant."

–Bob Tanem, Host
KSFO radio gardening show
San Francisco, CA

VF-11 versus Leaf Roll Virus

"Note the dieback of the Chardonnay leaves. Leaf Roll Virus can cause these symptoms, even though there is a surplus of available potassium in the soil. These symptoms are caused when the virus ruptures the capillaries in leaf stems, blocking or restricting the leaves to be less than 50% effective in ripening fruit. One commonly used cure is to drop half the crop a costly solution."

"After only 15 foliar feedings over 12 weeks on virused Cabernet Franc, the VF-11 treated vines were 2.5 brix higher than the fruit on the untreated vines. And the leaves are still fully green and working toward ripening fruit."

"I feel that VF-11 could be applied to treat 'post harvest stress also."

- Report from
Cooper-Garrod Vineyards
Saratoga, CA
Rick Berg, Viticultural Consultant